Wind turbine ventilators are exactly as the name implies, they are a ventilator that is powered by the wind to create effective ventilation for different industries. This product works on wind assisted ventilation. Turbine ventilators are round metal vents with fins in them. Even just a little bit of wind can be just enough for the turbo ventilator to rotate. The faster the wind, the faster the turbine will rotate and exhaust the heat, smoke, fumes, irritating smells, etc.


  • Industrial Sheds
  • Hotels
  • Industries such as Chemical industry, Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Textile & dye industry, Electrical Power industry & many more
  • Ware Houses
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Domestic Use
  • 24 Hours Assured Ventilation
  • No Operating Cost
  • Higher Depreciation Rate
  • Adaptable To Any Roofing Pattern
  • Weather Proof
  • Birds Proof
  • Best After Sales Services At Your Door Step
  • Provides Very Attractive Aesthetic Appearance Of Building
  • Strong And Light Weight Construction

As it is non-conventional device, it qualifies for accelerated depreciation 80% as per the section 32 of Indian Income Tax Act

  • Release Trap Heat In Industrial Buildings/Offices
  • Remove Contaminated Toxic Fumes, Particles
  • Remove the smoke and fumes from enclosed area , which causes the fire to spread hence helpful to control the fire.
  • Reduce Environmental Damage
  • Maintenance Free System

The wind driven ventilator is available in 4 material & it passes through strict quality control.

  • Only Aluminium - wind driven ventilator
  • Aluminium + Stainless Steel - wind driven ventilator
  • Stainless Steel - wind driven ventilator
  • P.P - wind driven ventilator


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